The 10 Most Common Questions about Automatic Gates

  • What is the typical cost of electric gates? It varies, depending on the type of gate, the size of entry you are securing, if you want an intercom and automatic opening settings and whether you purchase a maintenance pack.  Each has an impact on the final price.
  • Which is better – metal or wood? Both provide a secure and attractive entry point. Wood is more traditional but will require greater maintenance, while metal gates are easier to maintain and usually cost less.
  • Do I require planning permission? It may be needed for a new installation but normally should not be required if you’re replacing existing gates. Whatever the situation, always check with your local authority first.
  • Do the gates need a power supply? Yes, and your gate installers will determine the best means of delivering that power for you. A standard supply should usually be adequate and connecting the gates to the mains should normally be included in the cost of installation.
  • How do visitors get in?  Various entry systems can be used such as intercoms or keypads. Gates can also be programmed to be opened by anybody during certain hours of the day, for example when the postman or deliveries are expected.
  • What happens if a fault develops? A manual override is included in every installation so you will not be stuck inside or outside your property. Some systems automatically switch to manual entry if a fault is detected.
  • What if there’s a power cut? A system can be set to manual operation if a power cut is detected, and a manual entry system can be installed to ensure you are never stuck without being able to gain entry or exit.
  • What are the maintenance costs of electric gates? It depends both on the type of system and if you buy a maintenance package in advance or pay for regular repairs. Occasionally it may be necessary to buy replacement parts, otherwise, annual maintenance should not cost more than £100 – £200, except in exceptional circumstances.
  • How far away will the electric gate controls work? Typically anywhere between 30m and 80m. This usually ensures you can open and close the gates as you approach and whilst inside the driveway perimeter.
  • Can I install electric gates myself? It’s possible to buy off-the-shelf electric gates. However, it is recommended you use a professional service to ensure a hassle-free, quality and warrantied installation.

Information courtesy of GateQuote