Six Top Tips for Buying Electric Gates

What kind of automated gates do you want? Sliding or swinging, metal or wood? And which safety, sensor, and operating system should you choose?  Here are six tips to consider when buying electric gates:

  • Match the gate system to your driveway space  Driveways and property perimeters obviously come in different shapes and sizes. If you have no wall or fence space at the side of your proposed gates, you’ll need a swinging gate. But if you’re limited for drive space, then sliding gates may be an option. AAA is happy to advise on your specific requirements.
  • Include a manual override Never overlook the need for a manual override. Power cuts may be rare, but they do happen. At that point, you (and visitors!) will need a manual override. There is a good variety of different options to choose from, providing additional gate security and convenience.
  • Choose a material to match your property exterior Before choosing metal or wood, consider your existing fences and walls and the rest of your property’s exterior. If you have a metal fence, you will probably want a metal gate. But if you have wooden fencing, your automated gates could look appealing in either material.
  • Do you need an intercom system?  You will usually have remote fobs to open the gates as you arrive home, but what about visitors? Using an audio/video intercom entry system, you can find out who’s at your gates and allow entry if you wish without leaving the comfort of your home. Advanced systems can add a substantial amount to the cost of electric gates. Do you need this option, or would something more basic suffice?
  • Don’t forget deliveries Another option is ‘free entry’ time. Your gates automatically unlock at specific times, for example when deliveries are commonly made. If your system has this capability, ensure you know how to change, remove, or extend these free entry times.
  • Ensure your quote is all-inclusive Different contractors offer different levels of service, and use different systems and materials. Ensure you know exactly what a quote includes, from digging a hole for the mechanism to painting the gate the colour you want.

Information courtesy of GateQuote